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Designed to help Osteopathic Medicine programs overcome both short and long term challenges, Leo is the most fully-integrated enterprise platform available. This integrated suite of capabilities helps you eliminate multiple single-purpose tools, streamlining how you operate your program while reducing cognitive load for all users.

Leo fills all these needs from a single platform:

  • Curriculum mapping and robust reporting across both didactic and clinical courses
  • Course management from a centralized calendar and curriculum delivery platform 
  • Learning management system functions including content and curriculum delivery, discussions, assignments, gradebooks and more 
  • Evaluations and clinical assessments 
  • Patient encounter tracking 
  • Lotteries for clinical scheduling 
  • Faculty contribution tracking 
  • Student portfolios including custom demographics, engagement between students and faculty advisors, and more

Leo is the award-winning software platform designed for osteopathic medicine programs. Whether you're a student, faculty, a course director, dealing with assessment or your next COCA site visit or responsible for the overall success of your program, Leo was built to help make your life easier. 

Here’s how:

1. A centralized calendar that brings it all together

With everything you're trying to manage, the last thing you probably want to do is spend a bunch of time learning a new software program. That's why Leo was built around something really easy to use: a central calendar that gives each user a personalized view of everything you need to see, when you need to see it.

Leo's calendar core also delivers real-time updates and iCal feeds personalized for every user, on any kind of device. 

The ease of access to content organized by date is something students get very excited about 

Leo gives you this big picture with all the supporting details, specific to your role and responsibilities 

This transparency in Leo helps create accountability, and we all know that accountability creates results.

2. Curriculum Mapping to satisfy your next COCA site visit

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Mapping your curriculum for accreditation in medical education can be a burden on faculty and staff, costing time, effort and sometimes even some sanity. But what if curriculum mapping could have a positive impact on your healthcare education program beyond accreditation? And what if, by mapping your curriculum for accreditation, you could also improve your program at the same time? Fortunately, with Leo, you can. Here’s how:

Other tools may talk about curriculum mapping, but they only map to your assessments or your content. What about the rest of your curriculum? Only Leo lets you map every session in every course — didactic or clinical. With Leo, you can also map themes across courses, as well as diagnoses and procedures for patient encounter logs. And the mapping function in Leo makes it easy for faculty to prove how their teaching supports your program objectives.

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