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QA Automation Engineer

Growing up in Southern California just two miles from the ocean, Spencer spent any free time he had at the beach; mostly in the water. His first love was the ocean but as he grew a bit older a new passion emerged - technology. Manipulator of pixels and bytes since the age of 15, Spencer had a dedicated phone line installed in his room to run a BBS and practiced ANSI art. In high school, he discovered HTML and began developing web pages for small companies in the area. Spencer had a strong appetite for information that was only temporarily satiated by learning something new.

Now as an adult, that curiosity and hunger is still very much alive. At DaVinci Education, Spencer gets to indulge his passion by ensuring the products we create are both beautiful and functional, exceeding the highest standards for software quality, from first commit to production deploy.

Spencer’s broad-based skill set extends well beyond technology. In his personal time, he enjoys woodworking, crocheting, cycling, yoga and smoking fine meats. You wouldn't be surprised to find him at a Bulls game or hiking the Eno river.