Absolutely obsessed with learning, teaching & growing.
Senior PHP Programmer

Clif comes from a background of music, art and technology, holding degrees in both music performance and Industrial Design. He came to web development through his experiences in Industrial Design and approaches technical solutions as a problem solver with an eye for the user experience.

Clif brings a wealth of experience to his role with DaVinci Education. He has been working in the LAMP stack since before it was even called that, doing both front- and back-end development for over 20 years, including a decade of freelance experience in the New York City agency world and among his own private clients.

Prior to joining the DaVinci team, Clif worked as a PHP Engineer with Bronto Software in Durham, NC. While at Bronto, he made numerous improvements to the infrastructure, including upgrading PHP from v5.3 to 5.6 and setting out a road map to PHP7.

Clif has been a professional musician (upright bass) for almost 20 years and has a notable discography recorded with some of the most well-known musicians from the NYC loft scene. He has collaborated with the likes of William Parker, Jason Hwang, Sabir Mateen, Steve Swell, Yuko Fujiyama, and many more. Clif has also played in orchestras and chamber ensembles, and has been known to sit in on sessions around Durham and Raleigh.