Absolutely obsessed with learning, teaching & growing.

Kevin was drawn to software development through a love of puzzles.  He realized programming calls for the same kind of logic, offers that same kind of satisfaction, and is just as much fun.

Kevin started his career as an App Support specialist.  There he rooted out bugs and fixed their damage, all the while getting exposed to a wide array of challenges and coding styles. Through this exposure and a little mentoring he expanded his knowledge and was promoted to Software Developer.

Throughout Kevin's time as a Software Developer, he has performed mass data migrations, system integrations, and eventually green-field architecture. He prides himself on coming up with elegant solutions to complex problems, no matter the type. "One of the best qualities about this field," says Kevin, "is that there's always something new to learn and new ways to challenge myself."

Beyond programming, Kevin enjoys running and hiking with his wife and dog. He loves board games, video games, and movies of all kinds. Kevin joined DaVinci Education because "I'm excited about working in a field that can have such a positive impact on so many people, and working with a team who are passionate about what they do."