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PhD, MA, MEd
Chief Academic Officer
We provide multiple resources for professional development to help our client partners achieve the greatest possible success with DaVinci Education.

Following five years in medical school administration, Alexis joined DaVinci Education because she believes in the product and in the team’s ability to develop and deliver innovative solutions for age-old problems and inefficiencies in healthcare education. She’s been in your shoes, and she knows what a difference Leo would have made for her and her colleagues.

“Our system helps alleviate some of the everyday stress that students, faculty, staff and program administrators experience at a health sciences institution – because virtually your whole program can be managed from the Leo platform. The result is that you can get more time to focus on your students and patients, working within the community to help combat health disparities or tackling the other important issues in health care.”

Prior to her career at DaVinci Education, Alexis was the Director of Diversity Training and Evaluation at the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Augusta University, one of the oldest and largest medical schools in the country, with five campuses spread across the state of Georgia. MCG earned full accreditation in 2016, so Alexis can empathize with you about the trials and tribulations of the accreditation process.

A Harvard Macy scholar with a background in education, curriculum and instruction and intercultural humanities, Alexis has always been interested in facilitating communication among diverse groups. At DaVinci Education, Alexis works with each school to understand its unique curriculum and internal structure, which in turn helps our clients leverage the full functionality and value of Leo. Alexis also leads the design and management of professional development initiatives, both for our clients and internally for our growing company.

Alexis currently lives in El Paso, TX with her husband, who has served in Army Communications as an active duty soldier for almost 20 years, their young son and two rescue dogs. She has a passion for community and loves bringing people together, whether by founding a book club for military spouses, advocating for the LGBTQ community, being active in Junior League or volunteering with local schools and other nonprofit organizations. Alexis also has a love of history, travel and continuous learning, which inspired her to earn advanced degrees at universities in Boston, Germany and England as well as continue to actively participate in health science organizations and research.