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Turning Change Into Opportunity

Changing the EdTech products used in your healthcare education program can seem like a daunting task. But don’t be afraid! You can find real value once you’ve identified a needed change. That kind of change can actually be an opportunity to help your program and your students succeed in new and inspiring ways. When it’s the right change, with the right partner by your side, you can start to build capacity for improvements across your program and enhance your students’ success.

“The ability to configure [Leo] to meet our educational and administrative needs, and the level of satisfaction we heard from other DaVinci Education clients, drove our decision to select this system.” 
Dr. Jennifer Koestler, Senior Associate Dean for Education    New York Medical College

We understand that a curriculum management platform as robust and diverse as Leo will touch all kinds of stakeholders at your program. Our team of experienced educators knows how to meet those diverse needs for students, faculty, staff and leadership alike. Whether you are an administrator concerned with preparing for the next accreditation visit or faculty needing an organized platform to deliver your courses (and so much more that we don’t have room to list it all here), Leo can help you be a star no matter your role.

“The DaVinci team is always willing to listen to our needs and provide solutions to support our curriculum delivery and reporting requirements.” 
Marcelle Gornitsky, M.S., Educational Technology Coordinator Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine                       Florida Atlantic University

Implementing Leo across your program provides the opportunity to simplify processes, increase efficiencies and enhance curricular reporting. Leo supports both your didactic and clinical courses, so you can easily prepare reports for accreditation and the AAMC Curriculum Inventory with a lot less hassle. How is this possible? Well, in addition to housing broad student performance data for years one through four, Leo helps you track faculty hours (prep time as well as contact hours with students), map your curriculum, deliver course content, manage groups and assignments, track patient encounter logs, administer lotteries and more.

“Throughout our implementation, I was never left waiting for a response on a critical question. In my experience, this level of devotion to product and client is unheard of at any price point.” 
Bob Kennedy, M.Ed., Senior Instructional Designer and Implementation Project Lead                                     Penn State College of Medicine

Most of us have felt the pain of an ugly change process that took a ton of time and effort away from our already overloaded schedules. And we know you probably hear the word “partner” from all sorts of vendors - but we really are different. We will work alongside you every step of the way with a customized implementation process that is tailored to your unique needs. For the Leo team, educating and supporting you is more than just a service, it’s a key aspect of our commitment to you. It’s one more part of what we call “the DaVinci Difference.”