Meet Leo. Our powerfully insightful healthcare education platform.

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Designed to address the inefficiencies that result from using too many systems to do too many things, DaVinci Education offers the most fully-integrated enterprise platform available for health sciences education.

We call it Leo.

From course management to curriculum mapping, from assessment and evaluations to patient encounter logs and lotteries, from faculty effort tracking to the Academic Portrait® — Leo helps you run your entire educational program from a single platform.


For Students

"I've got discussions, exams, coursework, calendars … there's so much to deal with, but it's all over the place!" 

That's why Leo gives you one platform to access it all, so you can spend less time figuring out what to do, and more time actually doing it.

  • Leo puts your personalized calendar at the core, giving you one place to access everything you need to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Download all your materials for a given time period with just a couple of clicks.
  • See whether an event is mandatory or has a dress code, what the learning objectives are, who's teaching and more - all with a single glance at the calendar.

For Faculty

"I'm so busy trying to teach and advise students, I need technology that doesn't get in my way." 

Simple and straightforward, Leo is here to support your educational efforts, not interfere with them.

  • Quickly upload your materials.
  • Easily map session objectives to program objective and competencies.
  • Engage with your students, whether as an instructor or advisor

For Staff

"I'm trying to manage small groups, clerkships, lotteries, grades, evaluations… and now a site visit?!" 

We know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes, because we've been there. And we can help you simplify things.

  • Easily create and manage users and groups
  • Roll over courses with just a few clicks
  • Manage lotteries, evaluations and patient encounters
  • Quickly import and export data
Carefully control access to events, courses and menus with our highly flexible, role-based security model

For Leadership

"I wish our program could be accreditation-ready, always." 

The real-time information in Leo allows you to understand the relationship between your program objectives, competencies, and many other elements to give you the big picture of your educational program.

  • DaVinci Education is an approved vendor for the AAMC Curriculum Inventory
  • Our curriculum mapping capabilities have been cited as a point of excellence in multiple accreditation reviews

For Tech Teams

"Our IT department is slammed - how much extra effort is this going to require from us?" 

Not very much at all. We manage the backend so that you can focus on your other mission-critical tasks.

  • Cloud hosting via AWS
  • Integration with multiple central authentication mechanisms
  • Automated feed with your student information system
  • ODBC (read-only) access to the database