How we
help you

Four benefits that you'll only get from Leo.

“My discussions, exams, coursework and calendars are all over the place - help!”


Leo gives you quick access to your entire curriculum via the central calendar.

The calendar core of Leo makes it easy to locate and download your materials, review learning objectives and understand what you’re expected to do each day. Leo shows you when new content is posted, or when activities require your attention (like evaluations or course lotteries). And the iCal feed means you get notified in real-time about changes to events, materials, evaluations, assignments and other critical aspects of your curriculum.


“There is so much to keep track of in med school, I'm afraid I'll miss something.”


Leo delivers just the information you need.

Because Leo's calendar structure is event-based, you can see exactly what you need for every session in every course. With one glance at the calendar, you'll know whether an event is mandatory, what objectives you’re expected to learn, what materials have been assigned, even whether there’s a dress code.

What's in it for you?

  • Get a direct view of your own small groups, materials, assignments etc. — no more digging through everything related to a course just to find the parts that apply to you
  • Grab all your relevant content for a particular session, day, week with just a couple of clicks.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest annoucements and changes with clear notifications and real-time iCal feed
  • See the learning objectives for each session, so you know what you’re expected to learn