Four benefits that you'll only get from Leo.

How we
help you


“I am so busy teaching and advising — I don’t need another piece of technology to get in my way.”


Leo is here to support your educational efforts, not interfere with them.

Whether it’s uploading your materials, mapping your session objectives, advising your students or overseeing aspects of a course for which you’re responsible — Leo keeps those tasks simple and straightforward, so you can get back to what you do best: educating our future healthcare providers.


“I’m not always sure which students need my advising help, or where they are on their path through our program.”


The Academic Portrait helps you track the longitudinal performance of the students you advise.

The Academic Portrait gives you a single place to view a student’s progress in a simple, comprehensive profile: courses and grades, evaluations, portfolio documents and more. The Portrait also provides a shared location for faculty advisors to communicate with each other and their mentored students, and even collaborate on Noteworthy Characteristics for the MSPE. 

What's in it for you?

  • Get email notifications of upcoming events and reminders to upload your materials
  • Track assessments in the course-based gradebooks
  • Easily submit your content to course directors for approval or collaboration
  • Communicate with your students via discussion boards 
  • Deliver both traditional exams and TBL events with our comprehensive, integrated exam system
  • Filter the calendar to see only the sessions where you’re an instructor