Four benefits that you'll only get from Leo.

How we
help you


(You don’t actually want another system to manage, do you? We didn’t think so.)


That's why we take care of the backend.

At DaVinci Education, everything we do is focused on making your job easier. For technical professionals like you, that means we relieve the burden of managing systems, servers and training - but we still give you insight around how Leo works and flexibility to get to your data whenever you need it. It’s the best of both worlds.


“That sounds good - but we don't want this to be a black box, either.”


Neither do we.

The data in Leo is your data, and we believe you should be able to access it on demand. Virtually every report can be exported in CSV format, and data can flow easily between Leo and your student information system. We’ll even provide ODBC (read-only) access to the database for your authorized users, so you can always get your hands on the information you need.


“Can you integrate with our SSO, and our SIS, and LTI systems, and SCORM too?”


Of course!

Leo can integrate with multiple single sign-on mechanisms including LDAP and SAML-based identity providers such as ADFS, Azure, OKTA and Shibboleth. DaVinci Education is a member of the InCommon Federation and the IMS Global Learning Consortium. We can establish automated feeds with your student information system, and we have lots of experience integrating with LTI-based systems and SCORM tools to help you incorporate those elements into Leo.

What's in it for you?

  • We take care of cloud hosting responsibilities (via AWS), so you can focus on other mission-critical tasks
  • Easily provision an unlimited number of accounts for faculty, clinical faculty, staff and leadership
  • We handle help desk support for your super-users
  • Your authorized users can mine data in deeper ways with ODBC (read-only) access to the database
  • Leo can accommodate integrations with LTI and SCORM
  • Leverage our built-in tools to help manage and control cross-site scripting