Four benefits that you'll only get from Leo.

How we
help you


"Schedules, lotteries, patient encounter logs, grades, assignments, portfolios..."


Leo is designed to pull it all together.

The unique calendar structure of Leo helps your team to easily and accurately track the teaching, learning and assessment activities across your curriculum. Our team of healthcare educators has been in your shoes, and we know how to help you make things run smoother.


"... and a site visit, too?!"


With Leo, you can be accreditation-ready, always.

Making accreditation smoother and simpler is a big part of what your educational technology should do for you, and it's a key focus at DaVinci Education. Curriculum mapping is just the beginning - because Leo is built around a central calendar, you can see how all the different elements of your curriculum relate to each other.


“I'm not sure there's any software that can do what we need to do, the way we need to do it.”


But there is a better way.

Every school and program has unique needs — and unique ways of addressing those needs. Leo is built to accommodate a wide range of specialized needs in a way that serves all our client partners. And our team of healthcare education experts will share their own experience at leading health sciences program to help you achieve the greatest possible success with Leo.

What's in it for you?

  • Quickly import and export data
  • Easily create and manage users and groups, including small group events
  • Get a handle on clinical needs with robust lottery and patient encounter tracking tools
  • Carefully control access to events, courses and menus with our highly flexible, role-based security model
  • Roll over virtually every element in a course with just a few clicks
  • Turn to our team whenever you need advice