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Three Key Learn Serve Lead 2019 Takeaways

There’s nothing like the energy and motivation you have when returning to your program after a conference. Your mind is buzzing with all the lessons learned and ideas generated from the past week. Unfortunately, it can be a difficult task to keep all of your thoughts in order because there were just. so. many. great. sessions. Now that Learn Serve Lead is over, we wanted to help keep that post-conference energy organized and moving forward! DaVinci’s healthcare educators attended sessions throughout our time at Learn Serve Lead 2019, here are our three key takeaways from the event:

  1. The primary message across the conference plenaries and sessions was a plea to change the narrative and progress beyond the current status quo. Recognition of socio-political and historical context as well as the intersectionality of Medicine within society is essential.
  1. Another prevailing theme was the need to reconsider how to manage the complexity of care and the changing marketplace forces. For example, develop more inclusive strategic plans, create psychologically safe environments and explore new partnerships and technologies. Improvement in health outcomes depend on the commitment to change and progress.
  1. Other key concepts included lessons learned from the Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) pilot, innovations in technology, tracking EPAs and much more. These represent efforts that seek to help solve challenges across the board from burnout, and changing labor and market forces to LICs, and Pass/Fail or three-year curricula.