The core behaviors and values that we live by, every day.

Focus on the bright spots. Remember that every problem is a chance to help make something better. Fuel your efforts with the knowledge that improving education is a worthwhile mission, and that what we are doing makes a difference in a very real way. Believe in what we are capable of creating together.


Show initiative. Ask for the feedback you need to keep improving. Advocate for yourself and others. Be willing to ask questions, share ideas or raise topics that may cause conflict when it’s necessary for team success. Be brave and push yourself to keep getting better every day. Dig deep and persist until you break through. Challenge the status quo. Make your voice heard.


Develop effective, scalable processes to achieve consistent results. Recognize when something happens more than once – if it’s positive, find ways to make it happen again. If it’s negative, change the circumstances that enabled it to happen. Learn to identify patterns and make them work for us. Be proactive and resourceful, and find ways to help us achieve even more.

the team

Be generous with praise and gentle with critiques. Connect with compassion. Create an inclusive space where diverse people and perspectives can be expressed without judgment. Be present and engaged. Listen with empathy and attention, and let go of the need to agree or disagree. Help each other learn and grow, and remember we’re all in this together.


Discuss expectations, objectives and deadlines up front. If deadlines or commitments slip, immediately speak with the people who will be impacted and adjust expectations in a mutually agreeable way. Continually confirm your shared understanding. Offer the simplest possible explanations, in the fewest possible words. Create clarity at every turn.


Be accountable. Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. Respond quickly to acknowledge requests. Always strive for accuracy and precision. Get the details right. Use each accomplishment or failure to set the bar higher. Regularly re-evaluate your performance to find ways to improve. Inspire others with your commitment to excellence.


Bring intellectual curiosity to every aspect of your work. Keep asking “why?” if something doesn’t make sense to you. Dig up other information that might give you a more complete picture. Turn your focus from “getting the right answer” to “asking the right question.” Foster a growth mindset. Always be learning.