Is LCMS+ changing hands or have you been acquired?

No, the company continues to operate independently. Our business structure, business model, investors and partners remains the same.

Is any product functionality changing?

Not yet; Leo will continue to offer the same features that make it the best solution for managing your healthcare education program. No new training of staff or students will be required. In the months to come, we'll share new features and enhancements designed to make this platform even more powerful, more helpful, and more intuitive.

Will the product look different?

For now, you may notice that the name Leo has replaced our original name in a few inconspicuous places. More noticeable branding changes won't occur until later this summer.

Is company leadership changing?

No, Allison Wood remains our CEO with the same leadership team in place.

Does this mean the product will now cost more?

No, the new brand has no direct impact on the cost of the product.

Are you still focused on health sciences education?

Yes, we remain singularly committed to improving healthcare education outcomes, for students, faculty, staff and leadership.

What do we have to do on our end?

Not a thing! If you have a minute, we would love it if you would check out our new website,

Do I need to communicate anything to my students or faculty?

There's no need to communicate this change to students or faculty, but we encourage you to share the new name with them in case questions arise. Professional development and education materials (including our User Guide) are being updated to reflect our new name and logo.

Do we need to change anything for the AAMC Curriculum Inventory’s reporting?

Not at this time. We are in contact with the AAMC and will let you know well ahead of the reporting period if you need to reconfirm that we are your CI vendor of choice.

Are there any technical implications that our IT group needs to be aware of?

There's no need to change the names, URLs or IP addresses of your servers. Your IT group might need to whitelist the domain in order to ensure that emails are delivered without interruption.

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