A Personalized User Experience with Leo

At DaVinci Education, we understand the challenges of managing a healthcare education program. Balancing the needs of students, maintaining clear communication across different locations, and managing a heavy workload can be overwhelming. That's where Leo comes in.

Leo is designed to streamline your program organization, granting quick access to essential resources for both you and your students. From the central calendar to the many communication tools, Leo offers personalized interactions, ensuring you get the valuable information you need when you need it.

Custom Schedule and Communication

At the heart of Leo is an interactive calendar, designed to provide both you and your students with a personalized view of your schedules. With the interactive calendar, you can:

  • Access essential information for upcoming events and sessions
  • Upload relevant course materials 
  • Customize your view to display a certain day, week, month, or even list of events 
  • Filter your search results by campus, program, school year and more

But Leo isn't just about planning - it's also about communication. Leo helps you streamline your communication with:

  • A personalized inbox, which makes it simple to stay up-to-date with course and event announcements
  • Immediate notifications. Leo notifies users of timely activities such as evaluation due dates, course lottery availability, and new posts in discussions
  • Announcements. With Leo, you can send emails or announcements to any individual user or groups of users, from a course or a particular session
  • Discussion boards, which make it easy for students to help each other, and for you to gauge their understanding and offer feedback

Personalized View and Student Tracking

For quick access, Leo enables you to personalize your view by:

  • Bookmarking frequently visited areas
  • Pinning pages for easy back-and-forth
  • Showing you the courses, small group events, assignments, evaluations and other information that is relevant for you

Leo’s Academic Portrait takes personalization a step further by providing a longitudinal snapshot of each student’s performance throughout the entire program. This feature allows:

  • Administrators to view and build portfolios, documenting student progress more efficiently 
  • Advisors and mentors to share notes and documents with advisees, while accessing valuable performance feedback 
  • Access only to those who need it, protecting sensitive information 

At DaVinci Education, we know your time is valuable. That’s why Leo makes it easy to access the information you and your students need, so you can focus on educating our future healthcare professionals.