Authentic Student Feedback with Leo

Providing authentic feedback is essential for student success, especially in the high-stakes learning environment of healthcare education. But the demanding workload can make it challenging to provide timely feedback to every student. 

At DaVinci Education, our team of experts knows this firsthand. This is one of the many reasons we designed our enterprise software program, Leo, with several features to help you provide authentic student feedback in a timely fashion.

Personalized Student Feedback with Leo

With Leo, you can customize student feedback by:

  • Adding comments to individual student work. All comments will automatically be updated in the gradebook and visible in the Academic Portrait.
  • Uploading documents and additional resources directly in a student’s Academic Portrait. This way, you and your students can communicate and collaborate with each other.
  • Assigning specific resources, like study materials and notes, to individual students or groups. This helps to further personalize the learning experience for each student.
  • Completing evaluations. Along with faculty evaluations, Leo makes it easy for students to evaluate themselves and each other. 

Consistent and Timely Feedback with Leo

Leo lets users see this feedback in real time through:

  • Continuous updates. Users are notified immediately whenever updates are made. For example, as soon as evaluations are completed, students can access that information.
  • The central calendar. Students have an overview of their schedule, including upcoming meetings and access to their inbox directly from Leo’s Home Page. 
  • The Academic Portrait. Results from evaluations, coursework and clinical experiences can be sent to the Academic Portrait, which you and your students can access anytime. 

The goal is to make it easy for your students to connect the feedback to specific courses and events so they can immediately begin making improvements. 

Leo makes it easy for you to provide authentic, real time feedback. Contact us today to learn more about how Leo can help you help your students succeed.