For Best Results … Comprehensive evaluations and clinical assessments

Evaluations and clinical assessments are key components of health sciences programs that tend to come paired with logistical headaches. From coordinating evaluations across didactic and clinical experiences to training clinical faculty across multiple sites, conducting timely and worthwhile evaluations can be elusive. Fortunately, the answer to this looming challenge is out there. This webinar will focus on best practices for making evaluations a strength of your program—including how to overcome faculty training issues, improving the timeliness of clinical assessments, and seamlessly integrating evaluations into your curriculum mapping efforts.

Learning objectives:

At the completion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

1. Identify how to improve the effectiveness of their evaluations.
2. Overcome logistical barriers with clinical assessments related to training, communication, and timeliness.
3. Administer pre-scheduled or on-demand evaluations in didactic and clinical courses.