Difference-making ROI

“The mapping and search capabilities in Leo make my job 10,000 times easier!” 
Associate Dean for Medical Education

DaVinci’s Leo is the industry-leading curriculum management platform that provides outstanding return on investment (ROI) for our healthcare education partners. Leo was built specifically for you and your team, to help you save time and effort while you drive improvements in student outcomes across your program.

Here are just a few examples of the ROI that Leo can offer you:

1. Leo gives you a comprehensive curriculum management platform

  • Robust curriculum mapping to your accreditation blueprint for both the pre-clinical and clinical years that provides daily insights about teaching and learning.
  • A calendar-based approach that provides unparalleled organization for your healthcare education program.
  • LMS capabilities specific to medical education that can help you tailor your courses to your students’ needs.
  • A comprehensive, longitudinal profile of student activity in the Academic Portrait that allows you to stay on top of student performance and any need for remediation.
  • Run your clerkship lotteries with Leo. Your matriculating third year students will already be in the system from their time in didactic courses. Why export them to another tool to run your lottery when you can do it all in one system?
“The curriculum mapping alone is a savior for accreditation.”
Director of Educational Development

2. Leo helps you maximize ROI on not just your budget, but also on your time

With the expertise of DaVinci’s team, you never have to go it alone - and we aren’t just talking about the “how-to” of using the platform. Our healthcare education experts provide the guidance you need for everything from course management to student engagement to site visit success. That’s just the beginning. With our on-going educational support, you get more time to support critical program priorities and accelerate student success. 

“Throughout our implementation, I was never left waiting for a response on a critical question. In my experience, this level of devotion to product and client is unheard of at any price point.”
Senior Instructional Designer and Implementation Project Lead

3. Leo helps you make data-driven decisions on how to use your EdTech budget

How many EdTech tools are you currently using in your program? How do you evaluate the use of these products at your school? Leo can actually help you do that. When creating your courses in Leo, your faculty can tag the teaching methods and EdTech resources they use in every session. In addition to the lists already available in Leo, these tags can be configured to your curriculum with a focus on meeting your program needs. This creates a resource audit that empowers you to make data-driven decisions on how you spend your departmental budget.

All-encompassing ROI for you and your program … that’s the DaVinci Difference.