Drive Student Success with Your LMS

The purpose of a learning management system (LMS) is to simplify and consolidate everyday tasks and information for a more efficient workflow. Your LMS should make your job easier by helping you pay closer attention to your students' needs. Critical aspects of a healthcare education program, such as timely and accessible feedback and tracking course content, are significant to student success.

As educators, to drive continuous improvement, we need feedback on all aspects of our program as well as each individual student. At DaVinci Education, we know that having an LMS that helps you drive student success is an invaluable tool in the fast-paced, high-stakes environment of healthcare education. Leo, our enterprise software platform, can be your single source of truth and transparency, enabling all stakeholders to get the information they need at the time they need it. With Leo, you can manage virtually all aspects of your program and surface data-driven insights that improve student outcomes.

Here are several ways that your LMS should help you drive student success.

Deliver Dynamic Content:

  • Upload course materials for students to access anytime, anywhere, with flexible settings for content control.
  • Integrate multimedia elements like videos and interactive modules to engage learners.

With Leo, students can access materials for upcoming sessions directly from the central calendar. Leo also makes it easy to integrate other EdTech tools via LTI.

Encourage Discussion and Interaction:

  • Set up discussion boards or forums for students to exchange ideas and ask questions of instructors or each other.
  • Foster collaboration through group projects and peer reviews conducted within the LMS.

Leo features Discussion Boards for easy collaboration, and Leo keeps a record of all Discussion Board posts, even deleted items. You can even grade Discussion Boards. 

Maintain Real-Time Communication:

  • Use announcements to relay important information, updates, and reminders to the entire class.
  • Communicate and offer support via direct messaging or email.

Leo’s calendar interface gives students real-time updates as well as an overall visual of the events and courses relative to them. You can also communicate directly with students and colleagues through a personalized inbox.

Personalize Student Learning:

  • Tailor content based on student performance and learning preferences.
  • Assign supplementary resources to address individual needs.

Leo’s central calendar delivers both a personalized and universal calendar simultaneously. Users receive notifications of changes that affect them individually, and students can also view course and event announcements in their inbox. 

Track Progress and Performance:

  • Monitor student engagement, participation, and progress through analytics tools.
  • Identify areas of improvement and address them proactively.

Leo lets you map Themes across your curriculum, making it easy to pinpoint specific problem areas. And the comprehensive student performance data in Leo’s Academic Portrait gives your team the information they need to provide targeted, just-in-time feedback to students. 

Our team of experts understands the unique challenges that come with managing an LMS in healthcare education. At DaVinci Education, we will partner with you, giving you the support you need to leverage Leo as your co-teacher. Contact us today to learn more about how Leo can help you drive student success.