Engaging Learning Experiences in Healthcare Education

Engaging your students is key to helping them learn and retain information. An instructor’s role extends beyond imparting knowledge; it's about cultivating a lively and interactive environment that sets your students up for success.

At DaVinci Education, our team has been in your shoes as administrators, instructional designers, curriculum managers, educators, and learners. We understand the importance as well as the challenges of creating engaging learning experiences. 

This is where Leo, our enterprise software platform, makes the difference. Leo is an all-in-one solution designed specifically for healthcare education. 

With Leo, you can collaborate with your students, integrate multimedia and other EdTech tools, and offer timely feedback. In short, Leo makes it easy to create engaging learning experiences for your students.

Here are some tips to help engage your students:

  • Use Technology: Technology is one of the best ways to improve engagement. Elements such as videos, interactive simulations, and virtual patient encounters not only capture attention but also provide avenues for active learning. Technology can sometimes bridge the gap between theory and application, helping to better prepare your students for the current and future demands of healthcare.

Leo allows easy integration of EdTech tools via LTI. Also, students can quickly access videos, simulations, and more from their personalized central calendar.

  • Encourage Collaborative Learning: Collaborative activities, such as team-based learning (TBL), mirror real healthcare settings where interdisciplinary teamwork is critical. These experiences cultivate effective communication and decision-making skills. 

With Leo’s Discussion Boards, students can easily work together from anywhere, anytime. As an instructor, you can also view, participate in, and grade each discussion.

  • Provide Immediate Feedback: Timely feedback is critical for immediate remediation. Providing timely and constructive feedback on assignments, assessments, and discussions promptly guides students' progress, identifies areas for improvement, and reinforces correct practices. It also motivates students to stay actively engaged in their learning journey.

With Leo, there are several ways you can offer feedback. Discussion boards, gradebook comments, and evaluations are some common ways to provide quick feedback. All of these can be consolidated into each student’s Academic Portrait for easy reference.

  • Personalize Learning Paths: Because each student's journey is unique, it’s important to tailor learning experiences to accommodate diverse learning styles and paces. This could mean offering supplementary resources, being flexible with assessments, or creating individualized study plans. 

One of the powerful things about Leo is the ability to track problem areas back to the specific course content for remediation. Leo lets you set Themes across your curriculum so your students can easily pinpoint the lesson content they may need to revisit. You can also assign additional study materials to an individual student or student group.

Keeping your students engaged is critical in healthcare education. Creating engaging learning experiences doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and stressful task. In fact, with Leo, you can easily keep students attentive and on track. Want to learn more about how Leo can help you and your students? Contact us today.