Leo’s Academic Portrait: A Comprehensive Profile

In any educational program, it's vital to track student progress. This means having access to up-to-date information so your students receive timely feedback for immediate remediation. What if there was a way to not only track student progress but also link inconsistencies back to specific content areas for immediate and self-directed remediation by your students? 

Our enterprise software platform, Leo, is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare education. Leo has several features, including the Academic Portrait, that can help you and your students keep track of their academic journey and make data-driven decisions to enhance their learning experience and outcomes.

With Leo’s Academic Portrait, you can:

Customize the type of data according to your school’s specific needs.

  • With the Academic Portrait, you have quick access to a comprehensive, longitudinal view of student performance, including courses, grades, attendance, evaluations, notes, portfolios, custom demographics and the basics for the MSPE.

Upload important documents such as awards, letters of recommendation, and much more.

  • Portfolios are category-based digital folders where students and advisors can upload multiple sets of documents to demonstrate growth and performance over time.
  • Only the individuals explicitly assigned as the student's advisor have access to the Academic Portrait and its related documentation, including the Portfolios.

Access records of academic history, demographic information, and assessment results.

  • Students can access their evaluation results directly in their personalized Academic Portrait, helping them learn in real time from faculty feedback on their performance.
  • Faculty mentors and advisors can easily access student performance information to help coach and support students.

Share documents, record meeting notes, and even collaborate. 

  • You can add the Noteworthy Characteristics that best support the creation of the student’s MSPE.

Export everything in the student’s Portrait to an organized zip file. 

Evaluate student performance against curriculum themes across sessions, courses and even evaluation questions, providing immediate feedback for quick remediation.

  • Students can view faculty feedback on their performance in the Academic Portrait and link directly back to the relevant courses and events in Leo from the calendar interface.

With the Academic Portrait, you can follow your students' journey from admission to graduation. This real-time information helps create a learning environment that can enhance student outcomes along the way.

Teaming up with Leo and the DaVinci Education team offers a genuine partnership that uncovers practical ideas for greater success, benefiting you and everyone in your program. That's what sets DaVinci apart. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Leo and our friendly team of experts can help you track and improve student progress as you educate our next generation of healthcare professionals.