Leo's On-Demand Evaluations

In healthcare education, evaluations play a pivotal role in assessing program success and student development. Leo, our award-winning healthcare education platform, offers a comprehensive solution to address these diverse needs. With a user-friendly and mobile-responsive design, Leo simplifies and streamlines the evaluation process for both educators and students.

Leo's on-demand evaluations empower faculty and students to conduct assessments efficiently and conveniently, regardless of their location. This innovative feature allows users to provide real-time feedback and initiate assessments with ease. 

Leo's on-demand evaluations are:

Flexible: Leo lets you enable or disable on-demand evaluations for different programs or courses. Students can evaluate faculty, including clinical faculty, courses, events, peers, and themselves. Faculty also have the option to evaluate students, courses, events, and themselves. 

Versatile: These evaluations serve various formative assessment purposes, from monitoring professional competence to tracking Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) progress. Evaluations in Leo also allow evaluators to remain objective and provide specific, targeted feedback with tools such as rubrics. 

User-Friendly: For users such as clinical faculty, Leo simplifies the evaluation process by sending evaluations directly to their email address of choice. There’s no need for those occasional users to log in, remember a password or even be trained in Leo. Also, whether you’re evaluating EPAs, competencies, or other skills and knowledge that students are expected to demonstrate, evaluations in Leo are easy to use on any type of device. 

Ideal for Clinical Settings: Leo's portability and independence from stationary kiosks or clinic Wi-Fi networks make it a perfect fit for clinical settings where students and preceptors need to evaluate each other.

Remote-Ready: Leo can send assessment requests directly to the evaluator's own device in real time, eliminating the need for device sharing. Additionally, Leo’s central calendar can automatically match student and faculty evaluation assignments based on enrollment as soon as an evaluation is scheduled. 

Access Evaluations Easily in Leo

In each student’s Academic Portrait, faculty advisors have the capability to review all evaluations completed of a particular student, as well as assessments completed by that student. This comprehensive access to evaluations, coupled with Leo's robust reporting features, equips faculty and administrators to identify patterns in student learning, helping to facilitate informed decision-making based on data. For instance, you may need to assess the impact of recent curriculum revisions on student performance in objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs). With Leo, this information is readily available at your fingertips, in relation to all your other curriculum data.

Effective assessments are essential for program improvement and student success, especially when it comes to healthcare education where competencies and skills are critical components of optimal patient care. Leo transforms the way evaluations are conducted, offering a seamless and efficient experience for all users involved in the assessment process. Contact us today to learn how Leo can streamline your program’s evaluation processes and improve overall student learning.