A Better Way to Map Healthcare Curriculum with Leo

When you’re running a healthcare education program, your curriculum mapping should help you see the big picture along with all the details. Effective curriculum mapping gives faculty, staff, students and accreditors a clear understanding of the scope of the curriculum. But we all know that, in healthcare education, curriculum mapping can get very complex, very quickly. If you don’t have the right solution, you can end up with more work and stress when all you’re trying to do is get that clear picture of what’s happening across your program.

What if there were an easy way to map your curriculum continuously in real time? What if it could tell you not just which courses are being taught, but by whom, and when, and with which particular content and curricular themes? And, what if every stakeholder could see this map from their own perspective and get the insights they need to get their jobs done? Who can help you do that?

The Answer is Leo

Leo — powered by DaVinci Education — is an enterprise software platform that streamlines and standardizes the process of curriculum mapping in healthcare education. Leo makes it easier for all your stakeholders to see the big picture of your curriculum in real time. We like to think of it as a single, shared source of truth and transparency that can bring you actionable insights that can help make your job easier.

The best part? Leo is not only a mapping platform, but also a complete learning management platform created for the unique needs of healthcare education. Whether you're responsible for preclinical or clinical elements, Leo makes it easy to see what's happening across your entire program in ways that matter most to you.

Find Curriculum Gaps

Leo can help you align all the educational components of your program in real time as the year progresses. Because Leo provides constant insight into your program, you can quickly identify gaps or redundancies across the curriculum. No more waiting till the end of the year to look back — with Leo, you can update your curriculum mapping as needed, at any time across the academic year. And the results will be immediately visible to everyone who needs to see them.

Support Student Success

Leo also helps your students understand what they’re expected to learn in any given course or session. Course content can be mapped along with session objectives, helping students to understand what is expected of them. You can also map curriculum themes or threads to sessions and even evaluation questions. Then Leo gives your students a clear picture of how they are performing against those themes across their time in your program. 

Your Single Source of Truth

A good mapping solution helps you understand how, when, where and what you are teaching. The best mapping solution gives you the ability to fine-tune all those curriculum elements in real time and share that single source of truth with all your stakeholders. That’s why Leo is here: to help you design and deliver the most successful teaching and learning experience for everyone in your program.