Mapping Your Curriculum with Purpose

Curriculum mapping is crucial for meeting accreditation requirements. Mapping your curriculum also serves a greater purpose than just accreditation. At DaVinci Education, we’ve seen firsthand the advantages of mapping your curriculum with student success in mind. 

This requires updating your curricula along the way, with the primary goal being to enhance student learning. This means tracking student progress, filling curriculum gaps, and adjusting instruction where necessary.

Our team of experts understands how stressful and time-consuming curriculum mapping can be. This is one of the biggest reasons why we created Leo, our enterprise software platform. With Leo, you can map your curriculum, find gaps and redundancies, update course information, and track student progress—making it easier to meet the needs of your students.

Putting Student Success at the Heart of Curriculum Mapping

When it comes to curriculum mapping, one of its biggest values lies in empowering your students. As educators, our primary focus should be on improving student outcomes in our programs. To achieve this goal, the first step is to ensure there are no content gaps or unnecessary repetitions in our teaching, which means having a clear understanding of what our students are being taught before they enter our classrooms.

  • For faculty, Leo's visibility into the curriculum mapping helps assess what students have learned and what needs further attention.

But as much as we need to close the gaps, we also need to ensure we are preparing students for their academic career. This means delivering content in our lessons that builds upon students’ prior knowledge without missing key content or re-teaching what they already know. This also means preparing students for the content they’ll learn in the future.

  • With Leo, curriculum can be mapped to specific skills and competencies. You and your students can view the specific content areas, sessions, and materials related to each part of the curriculum, enabling you and your students to drill down on key areas that may need revisiting. 

Communication in team-taught health sciences curricula can be a real challenge. To bridge these communication gaps and meet our goals effectively, curriculum mapping should be purposeful and collaborative.

  • Leo makes it easy for faculty and course managers to view, track, and adjust curricula. Also, with Leo’s communication features, you and your team can receive immediate notifications and real-time updates.

Curriculum mapping in healthcare education goes beyond just meeting accreditation requirements. With Leo as your single source of truth and transparency, you can effectively manage your curriculum in a way that is most beneficial for your students. Contact us today to learn how Leo can help you manage your curriculum to ensure the best possible learning experience for your students.