Real-time Assessments in Healthcare Education with Leo

In the fast-paced world of healthcare education, it can be challenging to provide student feedback along the way. But imagine the outcome if students received frequent, real-time feedback. Not only would this improve student success, but it would also provide you with valuable course insight so you can make adjustments immediately. Leo, our enterprise software platform, makes it easy to track student progress along the way.

Constant Assessments Constant Feedback

In such a high-stakes environment, providing real-time feedback is invaluable to students. Assigning frequent assessments along the way allows students to focus on the specific content that will be covered on formal assessments. Moreover, each assessment is another resource you can use to gauge which teaching strategies are most effective. Here are three ways in which you can assess your students along the way.

  • Pre-assessments can help you tailor your lessons to students' needs and identify knowledge gaps prior to the session or course. They also help you gauge future learning, allowing for more productive use of class time. 
  • In-class feedback, such as short, informal assessments can help prevent misunderstandings prior to any formal assessments.
  • Take-home assessments provide a preview of assessment style, allowing students to fully engage with the material and bridge knowledge gaps before moving on.

Easily Track Student Progress with Leo

Leo provides multiple ways to deliver formative assessments and give your students feedback. Leo allows integration with SCORM and other EdTech tools, as well as embeddable elements, so you can easily create engaging assessments for your students. With Leo's exam feature, you can assign pre-class, in-class or take-home quizzes, customize student feedback options during or following an assessment, and more. 

Also, with Leo, you can use IRATs during TBL activities to gauge each student's readiness. Similarly, you can give GRATs by using Leo's digital scratch-off tool to encourage teamwork and access group readiness. And, since Leo is built around a central calendar, students will have access to new assessments as soon as they are added, helping you track student progress in real-time.  

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