Solving Challenges in Healthcare Education with Leo

It can be difficult to keep up with the demands of the healthcare industry. From competency-based education (CBE), interprofessional education, technological integrations, and the consideration of socioeconomic determinants of health, it can be challenging to prepare graduates in today’s healthcare education programs. 

This is why we developed our integrated platform, Leo. Leo is an enterprise software platform that has the ability to streamline data across your entire organization, and give real-time updates where a system falls short. Leo is a complete learning management platform created for the unique needs of healthcare education. Hands-on training, interprofessional collaboration, and even faculty contributions can all be quickly tracked with Leo.

Support CBE via Curriculum Mapping in Leo

The goal of competency-based education (CBE) is to better connect healthcare education with the needs of the healthcare system and patients by placing more emphasis on the development of particular skills and knowledge rather than on the amount of time spent per session. To succeed in CBE, students must show they have mastered certain skills. This requires implementation of CBE programs, assessment of results, adaptable time limits, and individualized training, which can be tricky to decompartmentalize. 

Leo, our unified platform, gives you a bird's-eye perspective of your whole program as well as the option to zero in on single course sessions, so you can see exactly what you have and what you need. Competencies can easily be dissected into granular learning outcomes that may be built upon in CBE programs. Moreover, Leo's centralized calendar feature allows for real-time updates to the course outline, individual sessions, course materials, learning goals, scheduling, assessments, and more, saving you critical planning and prep time.

Encourage Interprofessional Education with Leo

When it comes to healthcare education, various disciplines tend to operate in isolation from one another. Yet, in the actual healthcare system, the collaboration of healthcare professionals often yields the best patient care results. This is why interprofessional education is so important. The question is, how can healthcare education programs support these efforts from a curricular standpoint?

The answer is Leo. Because Leo is a cloud-based platform, you can create and distribute assessments of courses, students, and instructors at any point throughout the program. It allows for self-evaluation, peer-evaluation, and other types of formative assessment, enabling students and staff to track their progress over the span of the entire program. Additionally, Leo makes it easy for you to communicate with other faculty members. Think of it as a central hub for student advising and progress monitoring.

Integrate Other Ed-Tech Tools with Leo

Your educational technology should serve to alleviate the everyday workload of faculty, staff, and students. Leo supports many SSO technologies, including LDAP and SAML-based identity providers like ADFS, Azure, OKTA, and Shibboleth. DaVinci Education is a member of the InCommon Federation and the IMS Global Learning Consortium. We can help you integrate LTI-based systems and SCORM tools into Leo, as well as set up automated feeds with your student database, showing you real time data from assessments, evaluations, and overall student progress.

Track Faculty Contribution with Leo

The cost of delivering a medical education curriculum is something that most programs can't calculate easily. Leo’s Faculty Contribution Tracking module (FCT) generates timely reports of total faculty contribution based on class time, prep time, course director hours, staff expenditures, lab fee reimbursements, etc. Each report shows calculations based on categories such as course, department, division, year, and individual, providing leadership with the necessary information to guide financial decisions for the program. 

We know that each healthcare educational program is unique, and we designed Leo with this in mind. Contact us today to see how our team of experts, and Leo, can better accommodate you and your students.