Technology in the Distance Education Classroom

Distance learning gives students the freedom to learn from anywhere, but it also presents obstacles that teachers and students don't face in traditional classrooms. Among other challenges, it can be difficult to communicate with your students and assess their engagement remotely. Having the right technology is essential to solving these challenges and setting your students up for success. Our enterprise software platform, Leo, makes it easy to “bridge the distance” between you and your online students by helping you add interactive lessons, track student progress, and give timely feedback. 

Manage Student Engagement with Leo

In the distance education classroom, it can be challenging to keep students engaged. Interactive lessons can help students engage with the content. Leo provides LTI integration for many EdTech tools, so you can easily add recorded lectures, videos, and interactive simulations to your lessons. The best part? Each tool can easily be mapped with your curriculum, so you can see the effect on student progress. 

Similarly, assessing student engagement is easy with Leo. Since Leo is designed around a central calendar, you can see when students complete assignments. This gives you the ability to gauge students progress in real time and provides you with the valuable feedback necessary to make adjustments and keep your students progressing along the way.

Timely Feedback for Everyone with Leo

Face-to-face learning gives you and your students multiple opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback in a timely manner. In a distance education environment, Leo also provides this advantage by streamlining communication for everyone. With Leo, there are many ways to keep communication open and provide timely feedback. 

One way is to incorporate interactive embeddable tools like Flip LTI or Padlet which allow students to communicate with you and each other. You can also communicate through discussions in Leo. And Leo offers formative assessment tools such as TBL exams and quizzes. This allows students to receive personalized feedback at the time it can be most valuable for them  and gives you a real-time view of student performance.

Contact us today to see how Leo can help you meet the needs of all your students - in the classroom and at a distance.