The DaVinci Difference

Healthcare educators are some of the most dedicated, driven professionals we’ve ever met. The team at DaVinci Education is proud to be in this business alongside you, improving healthcare education through comprehensive, data-driven insights and solutions. Our team has been in your shoes, as administrators, instructional designers, curriculum managers, educators and learners. We understand and care about your challenges, and we are here to help make a real difference for you. We call it the DaVinci Difference.

Your time is limited and valuable — we get that. So you’ll see the DaVinci Difference from our first conversation. We’ll ask the questions that matter most for your success. We’ll be candid about how we can help, and where process improvements might help you just as much. If our Leo platform isn’t the best solution for you, we won’t try to convince you otherwise. Our job is to help you make the most informed assessment of your educational technology choices. We know that the right tools can help your program and students succeed, so we want to make your decision and purchase process as easy as possible, right from the start.

That careful attention continues as we kick off your onboarding process and move into your implementation period. We’ll help you phase your rollout of Leo in the way that works best for your circumstances. We design training and onboarding around what you need to do, when you need to do it — no more, no less. Throughout your implementation journey, we provide personalized training sessions designed just for you. And we become learners alongside you, discovering more each day about how your program operates. Because the more you share with us, the more we can help.

And once you’re established with Leo, that’s when our partnership can flourish even more. We are always enhancing the Leo platform to deliver insights that can make the biggest impact for you. We bring clients together to share ideas and opportunities for growth. We are committed to you because of the commitment you have made: to help educate the ones who will take care of all of us in our times of need. We’ve made your mission our mission, and that’s why we do what we do.

When you partner with DaVinci Education, you’ll experience what real partnership means. With Leo’s shared, single source of truth and transparency, and our team of friendly experts by your side, you can have the power to drive process improvements that enhance program efficiency and increase student success. That’s the DaVinci Difference.