Track Patient Encounters More Efficiently with Leo

Keeping track of patient encounters, types of patients seen, procedures performed, and logging duty hours is a critical part of clinical education. For students, it provides an opportunity to gain practical experience and develop their clinical skills. Tracking patient encounters also allows educators to assess students' progress and identify areas for improvement, ensuring that they are well-prepared for future healthcare practice.

Leo offers a simple mobile-friendly interface to handle Patient Encounter Tracking (PET). Each patient encounter is a separate record, with the diagnoses and procedures easy to identify and select. And with configurable data fields and the ability to map themes directly to patient encounter logs, Leo makes it easy to keep track of patient encounters and duty hours in a way that is most helpful to you and your students. 

Easy Data Entry

  • In Leo, students can easily see which diagnoses and procedures are required for each clinical course. 
  • Students can create new patient encounter entries directly in Leo. 
  • Students can enter basic information about their patient, procedures that were done during the encounter, observed patient conditions, duty hours, and more.

Easy Configuration and Mapping

  • With Leo, you can easily configure the types of PET data you want to record, including participation levels, encounter types, roles and more.
  • Leo lets you map every session in every course, including clinical sessions. This means you can map themes across courses, as well as diagnoses and procedures for patient encounter logs. 
  • The mapping function in Leo makes it easy to track and prove how individual sessions — didactic and clinical — actually align with the program objectives. 

 Easy and Quick Access 

  • Leo makes it easy to filter by encounter type, supervisor, or student role, as well as diagnoses and procedures, in summary reports. 
  • Leo keeps track of all past patient encounters, so students can access all their PET entries even if a clinical course is no longer active in their schedule. 
  • Leo also keeps track of each student’s duty hours which can be downloaded as a spreadsheet if necessary.

At DaVinci Education, we know you and your students already have a full plate. Leo lets you track patient encounters and duty hours more efficiently, so you can focus more on doing what you do best — preparing our future healthcare professionals.