Track Student Progress More Efficiently with Leo

In the fast-paced world of healthcare education, it can be challenging to monitor student progress along the way. However, this is such an important step in keeping your students prepared and helping them do their best. Moreover, tracking student progress as you go gives you valuable insight that can help you adjust your teaching methods and curriculum to better meet their needs. 

What if there was a way you could view virtually every element related to student performance in one place? Better yet, what if students could also access this information at any time? Leo, our enterprise software platform, makes this possible, helping you track student progress more efficiently.

Tracking Competencies with Themes 

Leo lets you drill down on key areas related to each student’s academic performance across curriculum themes. You can create specific collections and sets within those collections to help you view student progress in a way that is most beneficial for you. For example, you can use themes to rate students on an entrustable professional activity as a whole and on each individual element that makes up that EPA. 

Additionally, you can map themes to evaluation questions to see how each student performs over time. You can also tag specific content areas to track key sections in the curriculum and other important aspects, such as professionalism. Leo’s themes make it easy to merge data for a more longitudinal view so advisors, mentors, and students can see their performance in specific areas and track progress over time.

Real-time Updates and Anywhere Access 

Any information added via themes or other curriculum elements is automatically updated and linked to other related areas. For example, faculty have the ability to score each student and add comments within a discussion, all of which can be sent directly to the course gradebook. These comments can also be seen in the Academic Portrait, giving you a more accurate picture of student performance.

And since students have access to this information, they can monitor their own progress at any time. If they see that they are struggling, they can go straight back to the relevant course or session from Leo’s central calendar to access content or communicate with instructors. This helps students proactively remediate while also keeping their faculty advisors aware of their areas of challenge. 

Themes are just one of the ways that Leo can give you insight into your program so you can help your students succeed. Contact us today to learn how Leo, and our team of experts, can help you track student progress more efficiently.