Introducing a new look for Leo!

This new look makes all the features you know and love easier than ever to find and use in Leo’s most convenient design yet for mobile devices:

An updated discussions page makes it easy to see all discussion threads in a course or event, helping you keep track of new posts from your students and where you have already commented.

Need to share information on a location? Use the new embedded Google maps to efficiently help your students find their way. Just make sure that the location used for the event has an address associated with it.

With the new Info page, you can embed rich html content, allowing you to take full advantage of various ed tech tools to engage your students - even from afar. You will also have the option to set the Info page (or other pages) as the landing page for a particular event - helping your students gain quick access to the materials you want them to see first.

This simplified design has also been applied to the Academic Portrait™ so that you can more easily track your students’ performance.

Additional Resources

Our team of educators has created a number of resources to support you and your faculty in achieving success with Leo, whether instruction is happening in person or online. Check out some of the resources below (feel free to share!) to learn more about how Leo can help you engage students, deliver content and much more.

For more resources, advice and information, check out the Resources and Learning page of our website and our User Guide.

As a reminder, the new look and additional features will be live in your Production systems on February 1st. You currently have access to them on your Training system.