Leo: A Platform for Healthcare Education

In healthcare education, managing the intricate balance between high-stakes learning and the demands of a rapidly evolving field is no small feat. At DaVinci Education, our enterprise software platform, Leo, is designed to address the unique challenges of healthcare education. Leo provides a single source of truth and transparency to help you make data-driven decisions for your program and, most importantly, your students. 

Leo’s Healthcare-Specific Features

Leo offers a range of healthcare-specific capabilities that set it apart from other educational platforms. These features include:

  • Mapping Objectives and Competencies: Leo makes it easy to align session objectives with program objectives and competencies. Themes in Leo enable you and your students to pinpoint specific content areas related to course sessions, evaluations, and more. For example, Themes can help you track entrustable professional activities (EPAs) in specific assessments while also providing a big-picture view of student progress across courses and evaluators. 
  • Support for Accreditation Excellence: As a longtime partner of the AAMC, Leo understands the rigor of curriculum reporting in healthcare education. Leo’s curriculum mapping capabilities have been highlighted as points of excellence in multiple accreditation reviews.
  • Easy Management of Clerkships and Patient Encounters: Leo makes it easy to manage the elements of both pre-clinical and clinical education. With capabilities around evaluations, lotteries and patient encounter tracking, Leo helps you streamline complex administrative tasks so you can focus more on meaningful teaching and learning. 
  • Comprehensive Calendar Overview: Leo's unique central calendar structure provides users with a quick overview of session details, such as mandatory events, assigned materials, and learning objectives. Leo’s calendar also has its own iCal feed, so users can view their schedules in most third-party calendar applications. Leo also provides real-time updates, saving you critical planning and prep time.
  • Big Picture Insights: Leo can give you a bird's-eye view of your whole program, as well as the option to zero in on a single course or session, so you can see exactly what you have and what you need. Competencies can easily be dissected into granular learning outcomes that may be built upon in CBE programs.
  • Academic Portrait for Student Progress: Leo's Academic Portrait offers a consolidated view of student progress, incorporating course grades, evaluations, portfolio documents, and more, streamlining communication between faculty advisors and mentored students. 
  • Faculty Contribution Tracking (FCT): Leo’s Faculty Contribution Tracking module (FCT) generates timely reports of total faculty contribution based on class time, prep time, course director hours, staff expenditures, and more. Each report shows calculations based on categories such as course, department, division, year, and individual, providing leadership with the necessary information to guide financial decisions for the program.

We know that the needs of each healthcare education program are complex and unique, and we designed Leo with this in mind. Contact us today to learn how our team of experts can help you leverage Leo to improve outcomes for you and your students across your healthcare education program.