Case-Based Learning (CBL) in the Online Classroom

Case-based learning (CBL) engages students in the analysis and discussion of real-life cases that reflect real-world scenarios. By connecting theory to practice, CBL can be instrumental in enriching the learning experience and preparing students for success in the challenging field of healthcare. Similar to team-based learning (TBL), with a few helpful tips you can effectively implement CBL in an online environment. And with our award-winning enterprise software platform, Leo, you can easily facilitate CBL in a virtual setting. 

Benefits of CBL in Healthcare Education

CBL should be a critical component of healthcare education programs for several important reasons:

  • Real-World Application: Case-based learning helps students apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations they will encounter in healthcare settings. It encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills as students analyze and discuss complex cases.
  • Active Engagement: Students actively engage with patient scenarios, making learning more interactive and engaging. Moreover, CBL often involves group discussions, promoting teamwork and communication skills essential in healthcare.
  • Decision-Making: Case-based learning hones decision-making skills, preparing students for making informed choices in patient care. Most importantly, CBL emphasizes the importance of patient-centered care, focusing on the individual needs of patients.
  • Long-term Retention: Learning from real cases enhances information retention as it helps students connect theory to memorable experiences. 
  • Clinical Reasoning: Case-based learning also fosters clinical reasoning abilities, which are crucial for diagnosing and treating patients effectively. CBL also exposes students to ethical dilemmas and teaches them to navigate complex ethical issues in healthcare.

Tips for Implementing CBL Online

  • Consider the platform: Select an online learning platform that supports interactive discussions, group collaborations, and multimedia integration. The most effective platforms enable the integration of EdTech tools to enhance engagement. With Leo, you can incorporate virtual patient simulations, 3D anatomy models, or telehealth case studies to enrich the learning experience. Also in Leo, you can utilize Linked Events and Small Group Sets to facilitate CBL.
  • Create engaging case scenarios: Develop authentic and relevant patient cases. These should reflect the diversity of healthcare challenges students might encounter in their future careers. Real-life scenarios captivate students' interest and facilitate improved learning. 
  • Facilitate Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning: Balance synchronous sessions for real-time interactions with asynchronous activities to accommodate diverse schedules. Recorded lectures, online quizzes, and discussion boards are effective asynchronous tools. In Leo, students can access recorded sessions, lesson materials, session objectives, and more directly from their calendar.
  • Assess Performance: Implement formative and summative assessments to gauge students' comprehension and application of knowledge. Consider quizzes, essays, presentations, or peer evaluations. Each of these methods can be assigned in a virtual setting. Leo makes it easy to track student progress any time, anywhere. 
  • Provide Timely Feedback: It’s critical to give constructive feedback on students' contributions to discussions and assessments promptly. From discussion forums and evaluations to gradebook comments, Leo enables several ways to provide real-time feedback. All of this feedback can then be conveniently compiled in each student’s personal Academic Portrait for easy access. 

Healthcare is constantly evolving. Leveraging CBL can equip students with the ability to adapt to these changes and stay current in their field. At DaVinci Education, we understand the challenging and rewarding job of preparing competent, compassionate, and adaptable healthcare professionals. With these tips, you can implement CBL in an online setting and help your students succeed. To learn more about how Leo can help you facilitate CBL, contact us today.