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Application Support Specialist

Kierra started her career in the tech world in 2016 as a web developer and software engineer, building and supporting a multitude of projects in the healthcare and policing education fields. As she continued to grow into her role, her interest broadened beyond just development and peaked when she discovered the opportunity to focus on support. The mixture of troubleshooting and customer interaction interested her, and she saw it as a new opportunity to lean into her distinct career path.

In 2023, Kierra joined the DaVinci team with a bright outlook on the next step in her career. Being a first-generation college student in her family, growing her career and making her family proud is what drives her forward more than anything. Supporting a product that makes a big impact on the upcoming generation of health professionals really excites her, along with the promise of new challenges. “There is a bit of fear of leaving your comfort zone,” Kierra admits. “But I know that allowing myself to just stay ‘comfortable’ won't allow me to grow in the long-term.” At DaVinci, she knows she has found that opportunity.