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Manual QA Tester

Throughout her academic and professional career, Huibo has always aspired to positively contribute to the healthcare industry. As a QA Tester at DaVinci Education, Huibo’s goal is to track down any bugs hiding in the software and bring them to light before end users can even perceive that something might be amiss.

After graduating from UNC with degrees in Information Science, Cognitive Science, and Creative Writing—and armed with several internships and work experiences in media, AI, and materials science—Huibo worked as a Software Quality Manager for Epic Systems, the EHR company that developed MyChart. She was then drawn to DaVinci Education enamored by their drive—and success!—in creating a single, integrated platform for healthcare education. The pain of using too many systems to do too many things was something she had experienced, and she saw Leo as a shining example to be followed. 

In her spare time, Huibo enjoys writing, traveling, and consuming anime, manga, radio shows, light novels, and gacha games. Her special talents are recognizing her favorite voice actors in the anime she watches, and attracting the weirdest technological mishaps such as having her PC get infested with ants; owning a haunted phone; and experiencing a non-zero amount of broken fridges within a year.