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Associate Director of Client Success

As Associate Director of Professional Development, Rebekah utilizes both her analytical skills and her passion for education to empower our clients to extract the maximum value from Leo. Rebekah is committed to providing a smooth training experience focused on exceptional support during the on-boarding, implementation, and go-live stages for all DaVinci Education clients.
Rebekah joined the DaVinci team after working as an Implementation Analyst for Public Health. Prior to her work in Public Health, Rebekah was an Assistant Director of Academic Success at St. Andrews University. From her work in both higher education and healthcare technology, Rebekah immediately recognized the power of Leo to easily centralize and streamline what could otherwise be an unwieldy collection of complex and disconnected data.
“To be a member on this team of incredibly talented individuals, assisting educators and students as they progress in the health professions, is an honor,” says Rebekah. “It’s a pleasure to help provide clients with an all-in-one solution that’s easy to use and so configurable to meet their needs.”
A graduate of St. Andrews University with a degree in Political Science and Leadership, Rebekah loves being active, whether going to the Durham Bulls games, traveling, playing soccer, or being heavily involved in the Junior League. Her constant companion at home includes George William the Labradoodle.