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Software Engineer

Ever since high school when she started learning HTML, CSS and Visual Basic, Athene has had a passion for programming. "It takes all sorts of problem solving and logic which makes the work feel like fun," she says. "I also love that programming always keeps me thinking and learning about new things."

Athene had a definite intention when she joined the DaVinci team. "I didn't just want to work for companies and corporations," she points out. "I wanted to help individuals.  I like the idea that I’m making a difference, not just for the staff of medical schools, but for the medical professionals of the future. At DaVinci I have the opportunity to help people that one day will help many others."

When she's not working, Athene likes to travel as often as possible, to as many places as possible.  She also enjoys spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking, biking, or playing soccer.  At home she likes to play video and board games, lift weights, hang out with her 4 cats, and take her dog on walks.