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Software Engineering Manager

As the Software Engineering Manager at DaVinci Education, Jim is the technical lead on a number of key initiatives designed to enhance the overall functionality of Leo, including extensive user experience and design improvements. Along with the rest of the development team, Jim is guided daily by our mission to create superior solutions for our clients.

Prior to joining the DaVinci team, Jim worked for Nashville-based HealthStream, which creates solutions for the continuing education and professional development of nurses and physicians. He then joined a marketing company, where he gained a breadth of experience with web-based programming, writing custom applications, developing UI/UX solutions, and supporting third-party applications that clients wanted to expand upon. Now, at DaVinci Education, Jim is gratified knowing that he’s using these skills to do meaningful work.

“This is a product I can truly be proud of,” says Jim. “It’s helping not only educational institutions but also helping the students actually learn more efficiently so that they can go out and help countless other people.” 

Jim calls himself a late bloomer, but he has good timing. After a period of career-seeking, he began dabbling with computers and never looked back. Jim went on to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science, and completed his education just as the Internet was taking off.

Jim likes to stay active outdoors, whether hiking, kayaking or just running around with his two young children. “If I’m not in front of the keyboard,” he says, “they definitely keep me busy.” When he has time to unwind, he loves listening to music — from classical guitar to blue grass to punk rock and everything in between. Jim lives with his family in Apex, NC.