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Software Engineer

Arthur's early years were spent in the foothills of Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains where he learned to ride a dirtbike before he could ride a bicycle. His love of motorsports continued to blossom when he moved to Florida with his father where he spent most of his free time around deep mud, large tires, and loud engines. Despite his love of adrenaline, in the sixth grade Arthur asked to sell his go-kart and with the money bought a Packard Bell running MS-DOS. By eighth grade summer Arthur was spending his nights installing Linux on the new computer he had bought and built with money earned helping around his father’s shop. For Arthur it had become abundantly clear that his passion lay with one day being a software engineer.

Acquiring his first role as a web developer shortly out of high school, Arthur continued to build his skill set while he received his degree in Computer Science and explored what the information technology field had to offer. In joining DaVinci Arthur is excited to apply his skills and experiences in a way that will have a meaningful impact on both the immediate and long-term. “It’s incredibly powerful to be able to do something with my talents that directly benefits the world around me.”

Most recently Arthur has taken to calling Saxapahaw his home and when he’s not behind a keyboard he is most frequently finding any excuse he can to talk about Jeeps, enjoying the quiet of the outdoors, or playing games and watching movies with friends and family.