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Keshava Murthy
Senior Product Manager

In a world as complicated as ours, Sindhu is passionate about simplifying experiences for users, one product and one feature at a time. She has spent the past decade launching new digital products and reimagining legacy solutions that helped businesses within the public sector, e-commerce, contact center and real estate industries scale their operational efficiencies and become more “human design”-centric.Which is why the work of DaVinci Education tremendously excites Sindhu!

Not only is she energized by the challenge of envisioning and bringing to life the next-gen version of the company’s offerings, she is also driven by the mission of easing the lives of busy medical students so that they graduate better-prepared to become world-class healthcare professionals. "After all," Sindhu reflects, "when life comes full circle, they will be the ones taking care of us and our loved ones in the future."

As much as Sindhu loves creating experiences for her users, she is also always seeking new experiences.You can find her constantly looking for the next new travel destination, new language to learn, new cuisine to taste, new type of workout to try and new people to meet to learn about a new culture! Sindhu also enjoys indie music, digital photography and occasionally catching a re-run of House M.D.

Sindhu holds aBachelor of Electrical Engineering from Manipal University, India and Master ofBusiness Administration from University of Rochester, NY.