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Chief Product & Technology Officer

Edmund’s history is a bit unconventional - he comes to Product Management by way of Classical Civilization and Linguistics. After earning a Master’s degree in Linguistics from the City University of New York, Edmund went on to join a small education-reform organization called Relay Graduate School of Education; he spent a decade there building out their Product discipline as Managing Director. After that, he moved to larger enterprise software companies like 2U/edX and Liaison International, where he learned about the scale and commerce of higher education SaaS.

“DaVinci’s mission, and the team’s passion for it, worked like a super-powerful magnet on my psyche. Being able to focus my years of expertise on such a critical problem in healthcare education - and work with such a dedicated team - that’s always been my dream,” Edmund shares. “I feel like my entire professional career has built toward this goal: improving higher education for students and faculty alike through transformative, carefully-built technology.”  

As DaVinci’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, Edmund is building out DaVinci’s product strategy and helping the Product and Engineering teams do their best work. In his free time, Edmund loves to kayak with his spouse Teresa and daughter Miriam, play Dungeons & Dragons with his local group, and catch the latest scary movie. He resides in Miami, Florida, with his family.