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Associate Director of Business Development

Dan brings over a decade of personal and professional experience in education and EdTech to his role at DaVinci Education. His background includes account executive positions in K12, technical education, traditional higher ed and allied health education. As a first-generation college graduate, he genuinely believes in the power and impact of formal education.

Dan considers himself a lifelong learner and a passionate advocate for the education industry. As DaVinci’s Associate Director of Business Development, Dan is here to help our prospective client partners understand how Leo can help them enhance efficiencies and drive improved outcomes for everyone in their program. Dan is also tasked with expanding Leo’s reach across the landscape of healthcare education in support of our mission to help educate the providers who will care for all of us in the future.

A three-time graduate of the SUNY system, Dan holds associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in history and a master’s degree in information (library) science. He lives in Upstate New York with his wife, four children, and three dogs. In between rounds of carting his kids to sports, activities, and play dates, Dan enjoys woodworking, landscaping, general DIY projects, cooking and acquiring new skills – a lifelong learner indeed!